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The Spotlight Marketplace Partner Program fuels an ecosystem of top-notch vetted and approved partners with an array of business services, resources, training, and peer to peer referral networks to help small businesses grow revenue and growth

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Nonprofits & Organizations

Become a business services partner and custom resources developer with us. We’re always on the search for great deals, resources and enterprise-level solutions and resources to bring to the marketplace, powering a 360 solution growth hub for small businesses.


Contributors, Mentors & Professionals

Connect your skills to our global network of small businesses ready to engage. Are you a business development consultant, mentor, business coach, marketer, sales strategist expert, offer learning resources, professional services, other?


We are committed to helping small businesses grow

Spotlight Marketplace was Built With Small Business In Mind

Benefit from a hands-on strategic partnership when you join the Spotlight Marketplace small business growth vision. Join the thousands of partners who are helping us build small businesses and delivering next-level success for our global network of small businesses.

Powering Business Creativity and Continuity

Are you an expert in your field? Join our small business growth initiative.

“Our mission is to move small businesses forward by helping them create and sustain greater revenue growth and success. With the Spotlight Marketplace rail small businesses can seamlessly access, deploy and execute on-demand solutions.

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