Motivational Coaches & Mentors

Impacting the livelihood of local communities by bridging the gap and linking the mission of local motivational coaches and mentors, experts in a wide array of fields, coaching and mentoring federations and institutions, schools and universities, local employers, and the residents of our communities.

The Cliiimb Motivational Coaches & Mentors local outreach, engagements, and media information delivery channel on Cliiimb Media will develop and build out processes to support and promote improved coaching and mentoring support services and programs for economically-challenged multicultural and diverse local communities throughout America.


Cliiimb Motivational Coaches & Mentors Media Channel Mission

Helping individuals and businesses in struggling and marginalized communities get relevant, local mentors and coaches as well as access to valuable support networks.

The Cliiimb Motivational Coaches & Mentors channel provides knowledge, education, training, events coordination, community outreach and strategic level consulting with a goal to help local people and local businesses  – especially for those located in marginalized and underserved communities.

Local Motivational Coaches & Mentors Challenges We Aim to Mitigate

  • Incorrect matching of coaches and mentors to learners
  • Lack of support that extends beyond the mentor/learner relationship
  • The costs associated with accessing external coaches and mentors for prospective businesses.
  •  Lack of commitment and engagement from learners
  • Treating coaching and mentoring as an ‘addition’ rather than integrating into already existing operational approaches and practices.


Cliiimb facilitates a bridge for motivational coaches and mentors to connect powerful messaging to a ready, willing audience who is looking to connect with experts in a wide array of fields, coaching and mentoring federations and institutions, schools and universities, local professional employers, and the residents of our communities.

Key Areas of Focus

The Cliiimb Motivational Coaches & Mentors will lead a new narrative towards better local opportunities:

  • Spotlight and tell the story of each coach, mentor, and expert within each community, how their background and expertise can be utilized by the community, and where and how to engage the coach and mentor.
  • Setting the narrative for relevant engagement: coaches and mentors working with and communicating to local community key stakeholders to both ‘sell’ the idea of coaching and achieve their support of it.
  • Spotlight and highlight the value of existing coaching and mentoring programs within each community.
  • Demonstrate clearly and plainly how different groups in communities can benefit from having a coach or mentor – from young adults looking for personal guidance to local businesses that want to pull on an expert that delivers precise and relevant value to the business’s objectives and goals.

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