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Advocate and champion the ways that your community can drive growth and positive change. Drive visibility and elevate the movements, plans, actions, and developments that your community needs to impact positive change locally.

We give locals in struggling and marginalized communities a platform to aggregate locally to advocate and participate in the change that matters to them: combat poverty, increase access to educational resources, drive policy and political change, demonstrate how people can reinvest in their community, and how locals can become ambassadors and social advocates of their communities throughout America.


Our Mission

Cliiimb Local Voices and Missions Connects the Dots that drive physical and digital engagement that showcases and elevates the missions and goals of our local communities through the movements, plans, actions, and developments that drive positive and relevant change locally. We feature the movers and shakers that are driving grassroots change and shaping the future of our communities.

The Cliiimb Local Voices and Missions Channel helps our community partners connect, deliver, and measure results.

Giving locals in struggling and marginalized communities a platform to advocate their local mission to drive meaningful change and have their voices and advocacy mission reach the whole community.  Local missions are brought into focus: missions to combat poverty, increase access to educational resources, drive policy and political change, community reinvestment, and social advocacy. You care about your community – let us spotlight your voice and mission.

Local Voice and Missions Challenges We Aim to Mitigate

  • Not enough people are volunteering to help their local communities – this, in part, stems from locals feeling that their voices are not heard and what they are doing won’t matter or change anything in a meaningful way.
  • People who are trying to speak out in their communities and drive change are having limitations in reaching a more diverse local audience.  Social media activism creates “bubbles” that only attract people of similar mindsets.
  • Younger locals have less free time to volunteer and make contributions towards their communities’ welfare.  Because of this, local volunteer associations at a local level also suffer from a lack of local support.
  • Many people may not know how to “do more” locally and how to use their voice and time effectively to contribute towards specific missions that nonprofits, activists, and social support programs are attempting to achieve – and because of this lack of knowledge, many people resort to only doing the bare minimum online such as just posting trending hashtags or changing their selfies on social media.

Key Areas of Focus

The Cliiimb Local Voice and Missions Channel will lead the way for how communities learn about those advocating for positive change within their communities while amplifying the overall voice of the community:

  • Bring into focus the key missions and objectives of those driving change locally
  • Spotlight individual and organizational missions and advocacies and provide a transparent means as to how locals can participate
  • Provide a diversely populated local platform for productive discussion regarding local issues
  • Demonstrate that productive discussion about one’s community can occur locally and that it is more accessible than ever to do so under the Cliiimb platform.

Join us and let us show you how to amplify your voice and your community missions!

If, is a desire in, concept that lacks commitment or action.

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