Local Programs & Events

Join Cliiimb Local Programs and Events. We plan to be hands-on with many of our programs. We will host and launch events and workshops with our partners and sponsors across our core delivery channels. Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy, Local Media and News, Career Building and Workforce Development, Motivational Coaching and Mentoring, Local Voices and Missions, Education, including local programs around the world. With Cliiimb Local Programs and Events, you experience all the diverse opportunities and engagement that your community has to offer:


Our Mission

To connect aspiring future professionals to accomplished leaders and mentors across all industry verticals in a meaningful way that will promote lasting impact for future generations and communities. We want to feature how accomplished professionals and community leaders overcame challenges and exercised good works to make a difference in the lives of others in their communities by not simply saying what to do, but by demonstrating their commitment and responsibility to cultivate the next generation of professionals and leaders.

The Sky's the limit

  • Local cook-offs and culture festivals featuring the best cuisine of your community
  • Financial literacy seminars showing all the resources available at your disposal
  • Activism think-tanks and grassroots workshops where you can engage and contribute to the future development of your community
  • Leadership development seminars hosted by local heads of government, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders
  • Workforce development seminars and job fairs
  • Free local classes and after-school programs taught by experts in a variety of subjects

Do you have an idea for local events?

Let’s “Cliiimb” together.

Interested in helping us grow our contributor network? Share Cliiimb with your professional friends and colleagues and invite them to join this mission with us.

If, is a desire in, concept that lacks commitment or action.

Cliiimb CVO

Balance: If a tree bears too much fruit, the branches will break, and if it bears none, it has no worth.

Cliiimb CVO

We can amplify our community's success when we realize we each have a part to play.

Bentley Charlemagne

Your virtue is what you do for others when nothing is expected in return

Nathan Albertelli


Whitney J. Williams, Ed.D.

Director & Educational Consultant

Bentley Charlemagne

Creator - CVO

Nathan Albertelli

Co Creator - CAO

Dr. Gaylord C. Neal III, Ph.D.

Partner - CRO

Theophilus R. Nix, JR., ESQ

Partner - Legal

Andre Dixon

VP, Partner Development

Ginah Nightingale

Partner - Healthcare Education

John L. Williams

Coach & Ambassador


Product Developer Team

Jonathan Lee

VP, Partner Development

We’re on a Mission to Impact the Lives of People and Communities to Be the Best Version of Themselves

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