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Broder local News & media coverage with greater access and showcases of authentic perspectives of community News We aim to develop local news & media that showcases the pride of our local communities, businesses, and the people who live there. Covering news and information the traditional news channels don’t typically broadcast.


Our Mission

Helping individuals and families in struggling and marginalized communities receive relevant news about their local communities with the focus being on topics that bring value to the community such as education, finance, community development, local jobs, local events, local politics and policies, and the community’s economic development goals.

Cliiimb Local News Connects the Dots that drive physical and digital engagement that showcases and elevates the pride of our local communities, businesses, and the people who live there.  We feature locals creating and sharing the news with locals – covering news and information the traditional news channels don’t broadcast.

The Cliiimb Local News Channel helps our community partners connect, deliver, and measure results.

Local News Challenges We Aim to Mitigate

  • In an age of fake news and divisive national politics, the fate of communities across the country, and of grassroots democracy itself, is linked – more than ever – to the vitality of local journalism.
  • Both legacy and start-up news outlets face unique, as well as shared, challenges in reaching residents in a community who are disenfranchised when a newspaper is closed.
  • Support for the nation’s 3,000 or more public access cable channels is uneven. Some states have many such channels; other states have very few. Some channels are well-funded, others struggle to provide any programming.
  • Most media outlets have very lean staff but attempt to provide coverage of important issues in a community. However, both for-profit and nonprofit sites face significant funding challenges. Therefore, the vast majority of the online-only news sites are located in the larger, more affluent markets, where they are most likely to attract paying subscribers, advertisers, or philanthropic support.

Key Areas of Focus

The Cliiimb Local News Channel will lead the way for how communities receive and consume relevant Local News:

  • Create a more balanced news coverage to feature more positive news to showcase the good happening in marginalized communities thereby elevating these communities’ value. 
  • Providing a platform for local journalists and local news outlets to deliver relevant news to their communities.
  • Provide a way for local media to invest in specialty reporting: e.g. education, business, high school sports, and local government coverage.
  • Fill the void that would otherwise be filled with public access channels for communities nationwide.

Interested in helping us create local news?

If, is a desire in, concept that lacks commitment or action.

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