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If you are a seasoned professional and wish to give back to the community, it has never been easier to share your message and leave an impact on future generations! Cliiimb is easy to access, easy to use, and makes it simple to leave a piece of yourself for the future benefit of others. In as much effort that it takes to make a Facebook post, or send a Tweet, you can create and share compelling content on Cliiimb that will live on and be experienced by those who engage it forever. content aggregation and distribution app lets anyone across communities who have information to easily capture and share all mediums of content they believe can impact and enhance their community growth. The Cliiimb platform gives everyone access to engage the content and programs on the platform by relevant topics that they want to explore, learn and participate in. The end result is creating a symbiotic community relationship that creates a win-win for our audience, partners and communities.

Start Contributing on the Cliiimb Platform

We are seeking your participation as a “partner” or  “Contributor” to get involved by contributing your experiences, resources, and knowledge in the form of articles, blogs, vlogs, video content, podcasts, music, poems, image visuals, art, stories, history, eLearning programs, etc to the Cliiimb platform. Your professional background, thought leadership, and expertise plays an important role in guiding the development of tomorrow’s leaders. With your help, let’s make a HUGE impact on our communities for generations to come.

Let’s “Cliiimb” to the top together.

A Contributor is an individual or organization that the Cliiimb Newsroom has vetted that creates articles, blogs, videos, vlogs, podcasts, and other digital media that is designed to educate, inspire, and empower people and communities to become the best versions of themselves.  Contributors are mentors and leaders who have professional backgrounds, thought leadership, and expertise that is valuable in guiding the development of our communities towards a prosperous future.  We believe that, with enough contributors to begin working as a collective, they can create a HUGE positive impact for people and communities.

You can become a contributor when you join Cliiimb by starting to submit content to the Cliiimb new room. You can also become a super contributor and mentor after you have created 5 published contributions on Cliiimb and approval stamp by Cliiimb. 

You can find and follow Contributors when you join Cliiimb, search topics you are interested in by keywords. Cliiimb will also help match relevant contributors by your set preferences

All contributors are Cliiimb community members – so they are not paid for their contributions. 

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