Impacting the livelihood of local multicultural and rural communities by bridging the gap between educational institutions, private and public social development services providers, economic development organizations, and local employers to create a community brain trust that leaves a meaningful impact on communities’ educational goals.

The Cliiimb Education outreach and engagements channel will develop and build out processes to support and promote improved education programs and opportunities for economically-challenged local communities throughout America.


Reinvesting knowledge back into the community

Cliiimb aims to connect the Dots to drive physical and digital engagement to accelerate the coordination of public and private-sector policies partnerships to provide local communities with increased access to a variety of educational tools and resources, career path development, education mentors and coaches to better prepare the next generation with local opportunity career preparedness that fits local corporate stakeholders.

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We believe in order to effectively reach, engage, and create the greatest positive change across our communities, we must strategically manage and synchronize the capabilities of the three key areas outlined in the next slides to make a measurable and scalable impact on the pressing issues facing marginalized communities.

The Cliiimb Education Media Channel Mission

Helping individuals and families in struggling and marginalized communities get access to additional educational resources through our innovative approach.

The Cliiimb Education channel provides knowledge, education, training, events coordination, community outreach and strategic level consulting with a goal to increase educational opportunities locally – especially for those located in marginalized and underserved communities.

Local Educational Challenges We Aim to Mitigate -

  • Student Recruitment: Institutions of higher education are expected to slow the rate of growth in tuition for the first time since the 1990-91 academic year.
  • Student Retention: New applications for admission have decreased by 60% and applications from first generation students are falling as well.  COVID-19 is expected to increase the number of students “dropping out” or “stopping out” due to factors such as a lack of personal resources and parents losing their jobs.
  • Alumni Fundraising: Fundraising professionals expect to see a sharp decline in fundraising due to COVID-19 which should likely accelerate in 2021
  • Student Career Development / Workforce Development and Training: Students are struggling to find jobs because many of them do not have any practical job experience.

Our Differentiators

  • Advanced Relevant Information Sharing of Our Partners’ Content 
  • Creative Content/Media Development with Local Engagement (Touch)
  • Physical “feet on the street” Coordination Strategies

Key Areas of Focus

The Cliiimb Education Channel will lead a new narrative towards better education opportunities:

  • Working with colleges and universities (e.g. HBCUs) in the areas of recruitment of new students, retention of current students, fundraising with Alumni, Alumni Engagement, and Student Internships / Workforce Development.
  • Support small businesses in and around the University and to provide them with many services from the University at both free and discounted rates.  This can be utilized by HBCUs to promote and support entrepreneurism.
  • Working with institutions to keep major constituency groups engaged (prospective students, current students, faculty and alumni).
  • Alumni, current students and prospective students can engage one another within their organization’s community sharing their knowledge, wisdom, inspirational thoughts, life changing information, experiences and internships.
  • Institutions can create a “bridge” repository where relevant and important information can positively impact our young people in a way that will live forever (before college, during college, and after)!

The Cliiimb Education Channel helps our partners connect, deliver, and measure results.

The Activities We’ll Drive

Cliiimb Live Events

Cliiimb Education team will do on-the-ground local outreach and events to connect with local community members, capture live media, gather information and support data, and monitor local educational development activities.

Cliiimb Education Content Sponsor Distribution

Cliiimb “LIVE” – Our partners can share events “Live” on Cliiimb Education and share it with the entire community on Cliiimb. Let our team show you how it is done

Cliiimb Education – Content & Media Creation

Our Cliiimb Education Team can work with our Partners to create meaningful and customized content targeted for local communities which can go viral on Cliiimb and be extended to other social media platforms.


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If, is a desire in, concept that lacks commitment or action.

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We can amplify our community's success when we realize we each have a part to play.

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Whitney J. Williams, Ed.D.

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Creator - CVO

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