What is Cliiimb?

Cliiimb is a Multicultural Coalition Platform focused on promoting information, support, and Resources Rails for the betterment of people and communities. 

The platform will enable anyone to connect with accomplished professionals from all industries who wish to freely share their knowledge, skills, experiences, values, and mentorship with the purpose of inspiring communities to reach their true potential.


Our Mission

To connect aspiring future professionals to accomplished leaders and mentors across all industry verticals in a meaningful way that will promote lasting impact for future generations and communities. We want to feature how accomplished professionals and community leaders overcame challenges and exercised good works to make a difference in the lives of others in their communities by not simply saying what to do, but by demonstrating their commitment and responsibility to cultivate the next generation of professionals and leaders.

Visionary leaders

We believe that when people within communities can share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the next generation and can work as a collective to transfer support resources to the next generation, it will create spectacular communities. Cliiimb’s goal is be the “bridge” repository where your messages to the next generation will live forever!

How will we do it - Cliiimb’s aspiration for the platform

To help drive this mission, we will network and utilize community leaders, and professionals who will collectively contribute to the Cliiimb mission.

We will partner with local nonprofits, colleges and universities, local writers and content creators, corporate partners and sponsors to develop custom curated media content, stories, visuals, soft skills eLearning content and programs to ignite the Cliiimb vision.

Let’s “Cliiimb” together.

Interested in helping us grow our contributor network? Share Cliiimb with your professional friends and colleagues and invite them to join this mission with us.

If, is a desire in, concept that lacks commitment or action.

Cliiimb CVO

Balance: If a tree bears too much fruit, the branches will break, and if it bears none, it has no worth.

Cliiimb CVO

We can amplify our community's success when we realize we each have a part to play.

Bentley Charlemagne

Your virtue is what you do for others when nothing is expected in return

Nathan Albertelli

Team & Advisors

Whitney J. Williams, Ed.D.

Director & Educational Consultant

Bentley Charlemagne

Creator - CVO

Nathan Albertelli

Co Creator - CAO

We’re on a Mission to Impact the Lives of People and Communities to Be the Best Version of Themselves

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